Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our goal was clear – create a mortgage company that could deliver the best rates in the industry – while delivering an experience worth sharing with family and friends.  We wanted our clients to share their experience with Dave Financial at their next Christmas Dinner! To accomplish this, we started from the very beginning and designed the Dave Financial experience from scratch down to the finest detail.

We began by analyzing the customer experience.  From the first time our clients spoke with us, to the follow up phone calls they receive after their loan closed, we wanted our clients to feel valued and understood.  We built systems to update not only our clients but all parties involved in our client’s transaction.

We wanted to exceed our client’s communication expectations.

After we perfected the loan process, we sought out the best partners we could find.  We interviewed lenders to make sure our client’s goals would be their goals.  Their rates had to be the best in the industry.  They had to take responsibility for errors and commit to the Dave Financial way of fixing issues no matter what the cost included.

We are still tweaking and bending. Our clients have helped us grow almost 100% per year since we first launched the company in 2008.  We are grateful for the many fans we already have, yet are eager to win our next raving fan!